Tatton Park is one of the most historic estates in the United Kingdom. This Medieval castle sits on a garden measuring 50 acres of landscaped gardens, a deer park, and a farm. The property also houses an adventure playground, a restaurant, specialty shops, and kid educational programme centres. Every year, families visit Tatton Park to enjoy a good time together and to bond.


Tattoo Park is located in the Northwest of Knutsford, Cheshire. Accessing the town is easy through multiple channels. You can connect Knutsford by rail and major highways. Located just 30 miles from Chester and 20 miles from Manchester, Tatton Park is a tourist’s paradise. If you are thinking of visiting this historic site, there are a lot of things you can enjoy. Here are some reasons why visiting Tatton Park is not a bad idea.

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Things you can enjoy at Tatton Park

Still wondering why you should visit Tatton Park, Knutsford? Here are some touristic delights for you and your loved ones.

Tour the Mansion 

If you love art and culture, this Knutsford mansion is the perfect property to explore. Remodeled to suit the taste of the Egerton family, only a few mansions in Europe reflect the architectural features of this 18th century. It is full of art collections like paintings and sculptures only found in old castles and museums. Let us also not forget to mention that there is a large library with a rich collection of books. Touring the mansion will be worth your time.

Visit the Gardens

When families visit Tatton Park, they do not fail to visit the Gardens, and you should do the same. The garden sits on 50 acres and developed in 19 different areas over 200 years. Every area is distinct in its own unique way. There is a walled kitchen garden developed during the Edwardian period where vegetables and fruits grow. A Japanese garden similar to the Shinto landscaping traditions of the Far East Asian country. This garden is more than 100 years old. Then there is the Pleasure garden for recreational purposes. The gardens in Tatton Park are close to a dozen with brilliant structural designs.

The Animal Farm

Another reason why Tatton Park, Knutsford is worth visiting is the Animal Farm. A visit to this farm brings you very close to nature. Standing over a 20-acre landscape, this location takes you back to the past. The life and culture of medieval times is laid bare for all to see. In this location, traditional breeding of animals still exists. From cattle to pigs, turkeys to deer’s, you get to see how the men and women of yore engaged in animal husbandry.

The breeding technique adopted in Tatton Park was so effective that it won an award for its effort. Tattoo Park won the Rare Breeds Awards in 2007. Making it the 17th park to receive such an award from the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. A visit to the animal farm is a close substitute to a zoo visit.

The Old Hall

The Old Hall is another favorite location for visitors. This hall is a gem that makes Tatton a castle worth visiting. Built in the 16th century, the hall stands in the same spot where the old Tatton village once stood. Right until the 1770s, the previous owners lived here until the Egertons built the mansion on the land. This hall attracts a lot of visitors, especially during Halloween, because of its haunted features.

Deer Watching 

Last but not least is deer watching. Tatton Park has a thriving community of Fallow and Red Deer that roam freely across 2000 acres of land. If you love wildlife, you can explore this part of Knutsford in close quarters. Besides deers, there is also an abundance of rare Soay and Hebridean Sheep.