While considering the vaping option, the biggest drawback is the high cost of e-juices. In a few setups, e.g. sub-ohm ones, you can easily burn almost 12 ml vape juice in a day. If you are using any premium quality e-liquid, then it creates a big hole in your pocket and may not be sustainable for a longer time.

Also in a few cases, you may not be able to locate the exact mix that you must be looking for, which may not be available in your locality at the moment. Quite possibly it does not exist at all on the market too. This is the time when you may start thinking to create your own vape juice.

As such you should be able to procure your vape CBD oil from the online store of JustCBD, where you can get a quality product at a reasonable cost too. Here in this article, we shall discuss the possibility to prepare your own vape juice.  

Let us discuss how you can prepare vape juice in a DIY way. All vape juices usually consist of 4  elements.

  • PG that is propylene glycol
  • VG that is vegetable glycerine
  • Nicotine
  • Flavoring

To prepare vape juice in a DIY way you must mix all the ingredients in the right proportions that you prefer. The following are the necessary equipment needed for preparing the vape juice:

  • Scales
  • Storage bottles
  • Syringes
  • Juice bottles
  • Labels

The following are the steps involved in the preparation of the vape juice:233/6=39

  1. Mixing

First, you must mix, which is the simplest way to start making the one-shot concentrates. There are plenty of recipes available on the web. One important thing you must remember is that while making any new mix make detailed notes.

  1. Recipe and ratio

If you want to prepare a strawberry milkshake type of vape juice then you must select the proper recipe with the correct ratio. The following are the recipe:

  • TPA – 6% strawberry
  • TPA – 6% Vanilla Bean Icecream
  • VG/PG ratio – 70:30
  1. Measurements

In the next step, you must decide the amounts that you will use for each element that you prefer to use in the mix. You must select the measurements as recommended by the online calculator.

  1. Mixing by weight

To measure you can weigh by grams by using the scale. You must first measure the weight of the empty juice bottle and add the ingredients with a syringe. Then, you must add nicotine and use any syringe or dropper.

You must wash your syringes prior to using them when you use every new ingredient. By not cleaning correctly it may cause cross-contamination. After you are done check the final weight of the mix that should match as per the online calculator table.

  1. Mixing by volume

If you want to mix by volume then you have to use an individual syringe of 1ml for each and every element that you are using. You must check the amount every time and then add it to the mixing bottle.

However, this method will be a little less precise as compared to weight-based mixing.