The Virgin Remy Indian hair has a very natural feeling and should treat it the same way you care for your natural hair. Regular care of your human hair extension will ensure the product lasts long with a natural glow. In this article, I will provide you with ways to take care of your Indian hair extension.

3 Care Tips For Your Virgin Remy Indian Hair          

Below are five care tips that can help your virgin human hair retain its glow and looks for a long time.

Wash Your Virgin Hair Regularly

The same way you care for your natural hair applies to your virgin hair extension. Washing the virgin Remy Indian hair more often is vital to its health. It is best to wash the hair every five to seven days. Condition and moisturize the hair after washing it to prevent the hair from drying out. Moisturizing provides it with the necessary nutrients it requires to remain healthy for a long time. Invest in a moisturizing shampoo with low PH to protect your hair. The same applies to your conditioner. There is no need to apply scalp oil to your virgin hair. Instead, use a leave-in conditioner whenever you wash your hair.

Drying the Virgin Hair After Washing

Avoid rubbing your hair to prevent it from frizzing and tangling. There are other safe ways to dry your hair after washing. You can pat dry your hair using a hair towel or gently squeeze out the water without rubbing the hair. It is always best to allow your virgin hair to dry naturally. If there is a need to use a blow dryer, set it to half strength. Take care to dry the hair only halfway with a blow dryer. Allow the remaining water to dry out on its own naturally. You can also flat iron your virgin hair twice a week.

Styling Your Virgin Remy Indian Hair

The right accessories are essential when styling your hair extension. Invest in a brush with soft bristles. Unlike other hair, when styling your virgin hair, it is best to start from the bottom and take it to step by step. Avoid tugging or pulling the hair when styling to avoid damaging it.

At night, make sure you cover your hair before going to bed to prevent it from tangling.  If you are wearing a braid extension, ensure to run your fingers frequently through the braids. Doing this will ensure that your hair does not tangle.

Use Only High-Quality Products For Your Virgin Hair

While many hair manufacturers may recommend some products for their users, others will not. Therefore, it is essential to invest in only high-quality products for your hair care. Proper care of your virgin hair is a prerequisite for its longevity and natural glow.

Always rely on the services of a professional hairstylist when fixing your Remy Virgin Indian Hair. A professional will make sure that you get a proper hair job and long-lasting hair weft.